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The best thing about Blendz Dance Apparel is that it has both canvas ballet shoes AND leather jazz boots in FOUR COLOURS! Definitely a game changer for dancers who are yet to find their perfect skintone match.

Blendz Apparel was launched in March 2018 with a diverse selection of high-quality, professional dance wear and shoes for all FleshTones. Blendz is a black-owned business – CEO and founder Jamia Ramsey has committed her life to promoting inclusivity and diversity through dance education and outreach. As a dancer and director, she has experienced first-hand the struggles dancers encounter to find, spray and dye dance wear to match their complexions. Now with the Blendz product line, she is continuing her advocacy by disrupting the dance apparel industry, offering alternatives for dancers who do not match the traditional ‘ballet pink’.

Blendz Jazz shoes collection is called ‘Chassé Dreams’. These shoes are made from durable leather, perfectly absorbent cotton lining, with a traditional split sole design and EVA soles  for stability. Created for both the studio and the stage, with a neoprene arch, these are great shoes to use across a range of dance genres. Prices start from $43USD and the jazz shoes are designed to match their range of tights.

Blendz Ballet Shoes collection is aptly called ‘Change Views’. These canvas ballet shoes are hand sewn with a split sole design. The elastics are pre-sewn (thank goodness as who has time to sew elastic on their canvas ballet shoes?!), and will suit all dancers no matter their skill level. The canvas ballet shoe is one of those non-genre specific dance staples, that now FINALLY dancers with deeper FleshTones can purchase from a black-owned brand. Prices start at an affordable $23USD.


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