Capezio Arch & Extend

The ‘Arch’ part of this combo from Capezio is a snug fitting silicone band that goes under the arch of your foot and then around the heel. The ‘Extend’ part of the combo is a soft ballet slipper, designed for those who like to dance barefoot but would like added protection.

If you dance in any genre other than ballet and are not quite so used to having your feet routinely punished, the Arch will take a bit of time getting used too. Capezio recommends that you wear the Arch for only 30 minutes per session to break them in and then gradually increase the wear time to 2 hours. While Capezio credits the Artch for reducing over-stretching and supporting good posture, you will need to spend some time breaking them in before reaping these benefits. Prices for the Arch and Extend Combo start at $31USD. Be sure to check your sizing in Capezio styles before buying to avoid disappointment.

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