Mahogany Blues

In March 2015, Mahogany Blues Dance Apparel (MDBA) — a partner of Brown Girls Do Ballet became the premier dance apparel company catering to the needs and demands of FleshTone dancers. MBDA’s stated mission is to ‘bring visibility to dancers of colour through our creations that are unique to them. We strive to create a world where dancers can see themselves in every garment’. Their Camisole, Halter and Short Sleeve leotard designs are effortlessly timeless. It is definitely apparent that the designer, Whitney Bracey, has a fashion design background and she brings her eye for curves and angles to the designs. Our favourite is the camisole leotard — it’s a classic cut with a full coverage bottom (yes, we see you FleshTone dancers) and full frontal lining. Prices start from $45USD.

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I love my MB leotard! I got some strange looks when I first wore it to my (predominately white) dance school. But I wore it with pride! I want one in shiny Lycra now (the leotard is matte).

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I was given a MB leotard as a gift. I love that it matches my skin and it’s quite thick and long wearing. I just wish the fabric was a bit shinier (but that’s personal taste).

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