Bloch EU Eric Tan Ballet Flats

Well most of you know the story about how Bloch’s ‘Eric Tan’ colour came into being. Eric Underwood, soloist for the Royal Ballet (UK) posted an Instagram video of himself ‘pancaking’ his ballet shoes— something the Caucasian dancers in his company are not required to do. Bloch came to the party and will soon be releasing a colour they are referring to as ‘Eric Tan’ which actually looks — by the images released — to be a sienna/canvas brown/burnt camel colour.

UPDATE: We’ve heard from the good people at Bloch and they have told us that the ‘Eric Tan’ ballet slippers should be available from authorised Bloch retailers in the summer of 2017. And another thing – the colour of the Eric Tan shoes has been renamed ‘Cocoa’! It’s not clear if the Cocoa Blochs will be available online as the shoes may first be reserved for Bloch retail stores.

We will keep you posted!

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YESSS! I’m a male African American dancer too and I’ve been waiting for these for so damn long and STILL waiting! Bring it on!!!!!

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These ballet shoes are great. We should look like dancing barefoot, right? Before this, the choice was quite limited. Nude (a very vague nude), pink and black. I myself have a very light skin and even the nude ones are a bit dark. But what about dancers that get a tan? Our skin colour changes over the year, black or white.

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