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Micles Tights is a popular Trinidad and Tobago store and brand that is especially popular with the carnivale set – a huge number of women of colour who need tights for samba/parading/dancing etc all over the world! Although this brand does have mixed reviews – the great thing about it is it has showed up where other brands haven’t bothered. Micles Tights offer 6 hues for their standard seamless, low waist toe-less tights – Suntan, Little Colour, Caramelo, Salmon, Brown and Gentle Brown. They also offer these colours (excluding the ‘brown’) in their glitter fishnets (the most popular for carnival).


These tights are quite decent quality – and you would do well to utilise the free colour consultation that their main distributor to the USA and Canada offers (you send in photos of yourself for them to recommend a hue). We get the feeling that these colours were not developed after exhaustive and comprehensive research around global skintones (as in the case with many other FleshTone brands) – but nonetheless these tights are sufficient and will do the job better than beige does. Prices for Micles Tights start at $20CAD.


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Years ago I used a shade as seen in the picture and remembered getting tremendous compliments of how perfect it matched my skin tone. The fit was great, kept me firm and I loved that also!!! I am now getting back to playing mass and is trying to determine my ideal shade.

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