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It seems like everyone has an opinion on American Girl dolls. This is primarily because they are CRAZY expensive and they are made in…China. That said, if you receive one for your child, you are hardly going to throw it away. They are generally well made and always have a great back story and a range of complementary accessories (which of course cost more money).


American Girl expressly refers to its commitment to product diversity, and proudly proclaims to offer one of the most inclusive and diverse selections of dolls today. American Girl has a goal to create dolls that are both ‘mirrors and windows’ – which reinforces just how important dolls can (but are not always of course) be to a child. American Girl has a wide range of dolls with medium, and dark skin tones, as well as a variety of face moulds, eye colors, hair styles and textures. The ‘Girl of the Year’ for 2017 is the doll ‘Gabriela’ – the first African-American Girl of the Year. Gabriela is a dancer and poet and is a soft bodied 18 inch doll with curly dark brown hair and brown skin. Gabriela has had some criticism for being a ‘recycled’ doll (from a previous collection) as well as being poorly put together (as a concept).
For the $115USD, Gabriela is expensive. However if you can afford it or wrangle a relative to buy it as a gift for your kids – then go for it.

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