Lammily Dolls

Created by Nickolay Lamm after a successful crowdfunding campaign, the Lammily line of dolls was released in 2014. These dolls are said to feature ‘typical human body proportions’ and for many parents the dolls were a breath of fresh air. While this realism was too much for some, the brand has since gone from strength to strength.
The Lammily ‘Photographer’ doll is 11 inches with a brightly coloured skirt and lovely curly hair. She fits the clothes made for the Lammily range (which are on the expensive side), and is a fairly sturdy doll, though her feet and wrists (which are small) can detach somewhat easily. The price point is reasonable – $25USD – and you can order (for an additional cost) a sticker pack of scars, acne, cellulite and more!

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