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Gipsy Tights have a popular following in the UK, thanks in part to their affordability and their ‘Made in Italy’ status. A firm FleshTone favourite are the 20 denier ‘Sheer Smooth Knit Tights’. These tights are long wearing IF you take care to avoid snags when putting them on and taking them off. These tights have the appearance of being a lovely sheer 15 denier, even though they are 20 denier. In terms of getting bang for your buck, Gipsy Tights are right up there and you should get quite a few wears out of this brand. It’s also worth noting that the sizes available for the Sheer Smooth Knit Tights go to XXL (to fit hips 52 to 60 inches), though not all colours are available in all sizes. The FleshTone colours available include Seigle, Mink, Chocolate and Amber and prices start from just $1.99USD.

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ProductGipsy Tights
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By no means silky or luxurious, but great everyday stockings and can’t argue with the price – literally $2. They are a perfect colour match for me, so I’m a fan!

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I’ve scored these high because of the value, you’d be hard pressed to find a pair of tights that are better value for everyday use!

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A basic everyday tight.

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