Some of the best things about Missguided: It always has a selection of FleshTone clothing and swimwear, it’s constantly being updated so fashions are always current, and it’s very affordable. Another great thing is Missguided allows you to search by colour – so it’s easy to find your FleshTone (or close to it) in each clothing category. The quality of Missguided stuff is…reasonable and generally doesn’t fall apart on first wear like some other cheaper brands. However – because Missguided always use amazing looking models, you can be fooled into thinking you are getting amazing quality. Sometimes you will end up with an Aliexpress-style version of something that looks a million bucks on the Missguided models. Other times you will nab a quality bargain! Overall, a good option for ‘one summer’ swimwear, even better if you buy during a sale. You can often find sets for around the $30USD mark.

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