Tkees Foundations

Tkees Foundations flip flops, manufactured in Brazil, are made of leather (with a rubber outsole) – which goes part of the way to justifying the $50USD price tag. What seals the deal for us is that they are so sleek and casually elegant, that they can be worn with just about anything including summer dresses and jeans. These flip flips do fulfil their stated aim of elongating your legs and disappearing on the feet.

Despite being flip flops they CAN take some time to wear in, and given their sleek design, they are not as durable as thicker more sturdy flip flops. You will get a good couple of seasons out of your Tkees and a lot more wears than you would from ordinary flip flops, as they really are so much more versatile. The darkest hue from the Foundations range is ‘Heat Wave’. While it would be nice for the Tkees Foundation range to include a deeper brown, ‘Heat Wave’ is a burnt chocolate colour and suitable for medium to dark FleshTones. Prices for Tkees Foundations flip flops start at $50USD.

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