If you have read our blog ‘Your FleshTone is Profitable‘ – then you’ll know that the latest offering from Jockey is a case on point. While Jockey have offered their Skimmies shorts in a range of hues for a while now, they are about to drop a new line of nude underwear that coordinates with 5 different skin tones. Their new Seamfree Air ‘True To You’ Shades collection has upped the affordability stakes with all pieces being priced at $25 or less. The range will include a ‘bralette’ (not usually worn outdoors by larger busted women, but loved by those with more compact ‘girls’). The bralette has a leotard-esque square neckline and the bottoms include bikini, hi-cut, thong, hipster and brief cuts. Jockey is touting this seamfree offering as a true second skin that is virtually invisible – so we are looking forward to sampling these wares available from Macys from July 2017.


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