Pansy underwear is just so cute. Expensive – but cute. One of the best things about this range is it is organic USA-grown cotton, designed and sewn in California.

It’s underwear with a difference. It’s not so much about making you look Victoria-Secret-Amazing. It’s more about making you feel super comfortable, and as a consequence, super confident.

There are no FleshTone colors in the Pansy range per se – but we love the ‘Twig’ (a light brown) and the ‘Rust’ (a red brown) – so we thought we would include a Pansy profile, as these two colors are great complementary hues.

You could virtually lounge around in your Pansy underwear all day – though expect to pay for the privilege. It’s organic, it’s local, it’s ethical – so naturally – it’s going to cost a bit more than underwear that is mass produced in China. Expect to pay $48USD for a bra which is just cotton and elastic (no padding or underwire), and $39USD – $42USD for matching low rise or high rise panties. Sizes range from XS to XXL.



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