House of CB ‘Paris’ Pumps

The owner/creator of House of CB is 23 YEARS OLD. That in itself is worth a mention. With major celeb patronage (e.g. Kim K, Beyonce, JLo – the list goes on), the brand is not as expensive as you might think. The Paris Heels are a trendy leather design and have a 5 inch killer stiletto heel. The collection carries about 4 NUDE SHADES, being Pale Pink, ‘Nude’, Tan and Dark Tan. The ‘Antique Rose’ hue is also a great option for light skintones. While the tan and dark tan colors are not exactly what we would call color matches for darker FleshTones, they are very complementary and will set off your House of CB outfit (of which there are several popping options), beautifully. 5 inches is not comfortable – no matter what anyone says. However, these look fantastic and if you’re up for the challenge – your $200USD (free shipping!) is money well spent.

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