Spanx Lounge-Hooray!

Hooray! As part of its ‘Lounge-Hooray!’ line, Spanx has released a ‘chestnut’ colour which is a robust brown with a wine undertone. It’s probably not going to match your FleshTone, but for darker ladies, it’s as sure as hell going to ‘approximate’ it more than the dreaded beige! If you really need your shapewear to do some heavy lifting, then this range probably isn’t for you. Spanx describes it as giving you ‘just a little hug’. So it gives you a little bit of containment and coverage, but it’s less for squeezing into that bodycon dress, and more about lounging in comfort (who does that in shapewear btw)? The chestnut colour comes in the slip, thong, bralette, romper, tank , boyshort, brief and mid-thigh shorts from the Lounge-Hooray! Range. Prices for the range start at $22USD.

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