Swiss/UK brand Ownbrown has a mission. Their mission is to ‘bring to light how very beautiful and diverse brown skin women are’. The founder, Nadine, was inspired to create perfect FleshTone shades for women of colour after having an experience where the hosiery available to her was not only bringing down her outfit — it was ignoring ‘her world’.

Ownbrown makes tights and knee highs in four colours — Amani, Bintu, Kimya and Yemoya, and sizes run from small to extra-large. The tights are 20 denier, although they are so ultra-sheer, they have a satiny 10 denier appearance. As these babies are ultra sheer, DO take care putting them on and taking them off if you want them to last for more than a couple of wears. All knee highs are £5.00 and all tights are £9.00.

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These are great quality tights and they feel so soft – they actually feel like they have some lycra/spandex in them and they don’t tear easy. I have the Kimya color and I would have to say that it has less of a bronze/brown finish and more of a sandy nutmeg finish. Which looks fine in some light, but not in others.

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