Bjorn Borg

Calling all FleshTone men! Finally, a brand has answered the call. Bjorn Borg, an established Swedish brand launched its ‘Six Shades of Human’ range on the United Nations Racial Discrimination Day (21 March 2016). The range includes premium microfiber underwear in 6 shades which are based of the Fitzpatrick Scale which is a numerical classification schema for human skin colour – no food FleshTone references in this collection!

The great thing about the range is that it includes FleshTone underwear for MEN. The Swedes really do come into their own here, and if you like microfibre and ‘structure’ to your underwear, then you will love the sturdy construction of the Skins Collection. This underwear is built to last (though they polyamide material is surprising lightweight) – and with prices starting at a pricey 33 Euro for men’s ‘short shorts’ and women’s hipsters, it’s no wonder.

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