Chinese Laundry – Tippy Top – Teaser 2

Some of the very FIRST messages we received when we started in 2016 were from frustrated pageant ladies. “Why doesn’t anyone make tippy-top shoes in our FleshTone?” they wanted to know. For the uninitiated, many high performing pageant ladies will ONLY wear tippy-top shoes in a handful of select brands when competing. Chinese Laundry has been an official footwear sponsor for Miss USA and Miss Universe contests for several years. And for several years, brown and darker skin women have had to either wear beige tippy-tops or spray paint their pumps to achieve that gorgeous and seamless elongated leg look – which at pageant level is a huge competitive advantage.

Enter Miss America Nia Franklin (2019). In an interview for the RuPaul show, she spoke up about dark skin women spray painting their shoes before pageants. RuPaul’s people spoke to Chinese Laundry’s people – and the rest is history!

Chinese Laundry have now released their Tippy Top ‘Teaser 2’ two new hues – ‘Toffee’ and ‘Espresso’ for medium and brown FleshTones. We definitely chalk this up as a WIN for our pageant ladies – though we personally would recommend renaming the hues to be more in line with the Marc de Fang tippy-tops (i.e. ‘Dark Nude’). Not everyone likes their FleshTone to be referred to as an edible after all…


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