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Kinetic Essentials (KE), to the brown ballerina/dancer, is a lifesaver. This is not an exaggeration. KE has rescued many a dancer faced with the embarrassing conundrum of wearing a dance shoe that does not ‘approximate’ their FleshTone. KE make their ‘hue polish’ in Los Angeles, CA, with 100% all natural ingredients and materials. KE will send you a free colour card to help you find your hue, and their polish works on both canvas shoes and pointe shoes. Their colours include Savannah, Olive, Chocolate, Natural Tan, Navajo, Swiss Mocha, Sunkissed, Chestnut and Dutch. Dyeing ballet, jazz and other dance shoes and tights to match your FleshTone is now a real thing. Once again — Kinetic Essentials products are lifesavers. Prices from a ridiculously affordable $7USD.

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Kinietic Essentials is so cheap and easy to use. It’s not that different to other ballet dyes out there, but its good they cater to dancers of color and the shade range is great.

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Yes yes yes, these colors last and make my life! I borrowed these off a friend when we HAD to wear nude ballet slippers for a fair, and it was easy to use and came to the rescue big time.

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