about dance shoes

Ballet (and Jazz) slippers (in particular) are such an essential dance item as they are used in rehearsal for just about every genre. Currently, it seems, dance apparel companies are mostly unwilling to venture beyond the self-imposed safe haven of ‘ballet pink’ and beige. While ballet pink dance shoes will work for FleshTone dancers in some scenarios, it will not always work in others. With Misty Copeland and other amazing FleshTone ballet dancers winning accolades all over the world, we imagine that the wait for real options for FleshTone dance shoes will soon be over.

We have included some of our favourites, as well as some alternatives for dancers who wish to ‘banish beige’.

As there are only so many micro-aggressions one can deal with in the world of dance we have also included some hot new ‘complementary’ colours for you to debut at your next beige-free rehearsal. These colours will enhance your melanin and display your individuality.