“Blogging Diversity. Creating Community.”

Looking to purchase something in your FleshTone? Here at FleshTone.net, beige is not our one-size-fits-all, our ‘normal’, our ‘nude’ or our starting point. We assume nothing. Instead, we have searched high and low for the best options for all of those dance-related, everyday and special items that you need in your FleshTone. You do not need to explain anything to us about your skin colour and your needs. We get it.

FleshTone.net is a blog, online resource and lifestyle directory. It is a new type of ‘value exchange’ where we invite you to have your say on the things you buy in your ‘FleshTone’, that make your day to day life a little bit easier.

Our online profiles of FleshTone products, will take the time, frustration and indignation out of searching for your must have colour-matched items. If it is something you need in your particular hue, chances are you will find it at FleshTone.net.

At FleshTone.net, we invite you to ‘join the movement’ and contribute to our online community where we find FleshTone products for ourselves and of course, our children.