Capezio Foot Undeez

Foot Undeez are perfect for lyrical jazz, belly dance and any genre of dance where you prefer to dance barefoot and where there are lots of turns. Foot Undeez are on the pricey end of similar dance ‘paws’ but are probably superior quality. That’s not to say that they won’t stretch and in some cases fall apart – which they more than often do. But you should get a decent wear out of them before they start to slacken (often on the ball of the foot). As for sizing, Capezio can be a bit tricky. In Foot Undeez, we find the street size is fairly comparable, but if you are in doubt about your street size, you can try ordering one size up as Capezios will tend to run smaller rather than larger. This varies of course depending on your individual circumstances. The great thing about Foot Undeez is that they come in 4 colours. Of most interest are the ‘Light Suntan’ and ‘Espresso’ colours. Great FleshTone options for those who do not fit with what Capezio describes as ‘Nude’ (aka beige). Prices for Foot Undeez start at $22.50USD.

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Love these! Fit following the same sizing as your normal shoe. Have been using for years, haven’t found any better. I wear these for jazz and have some in my bag so I never forget footwear. The chocolate brown is a true brown color, and is actually dark enough.

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