Sansha Pro Mesh 32C

The Sansha Pro Mesh 32C ballet shoe  in ‘Dark Tan’ is a lighter FleshTone shade – though it is the darkest shade offered by Sansha. It is slightly darker than the Capezio Freeform, but the hue itself is quite different. It could best be described as a camel colour with peachy undertones. The upper shoe is made from stretch canvas and the shoes are fitted with mesh lining and double articulated suede leather soles. Criss-cross, pre-sewn elastic and adjustable elasticated drawstring are also features of this breathable canvas, split sole shoe which is fully hand stitched. We find that it’s best to try Sansha shoes on to get the perfect fit – prices start at $17USD.

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I had heard mixed reviews on these when I first got them, but so far, so good. Make sure you get the sizing right when you order, and I also reinforced the elastic when I first got them and haven’t had any problems. Super comfortable.

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I’ve always worn Sansha as it’s better value for money than Bloch or Capezio. I like the Pro 1C – though I do find the shape of them are not immediately great – they width I ordered was wider than expected and I really hate sewing my own elastics on! But otherwise a great rehearsal shoe. I think they would suit a lighter to medium tone dancer even though the color has a bit of a ‘blush’ about it. It would be nice if they made these in brown!

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