So Danca ‘The Bullet’

Só Dança, a Brazilian label launched “The Bullet” in March 2018. It’s a contemporary half-shoe that is currently all the rage – it has the support of a ballet shoe, without feeling bulky. While it’s not the first of its kind on the market, the ‘Bullet’ promises not to twist, roll or expose the skin – a common problem with half shoes. This additional protection has been achieved by elongating the vamp and underside of the shoe, using a multi-way stretch canvas and installing an elasticated top line to keep the shoe streamlined.

So Danca has also expanded its colour range to 5 colours – with the deeper two colours ‘Suntan’ and ‘Mocha’ being suitable for dancers of colour. We’ve trialed the ‘Suntan’ colour previously – it’s a dusky camel/latte – a reasonble (but not perfect) match for medium FleshTones. The newer Mocha colour however, is quite well suited to brown skinned dancers.  So Danca promises to be ‘skin tone matching’ – and manages to do quite a reasonable job!


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