In June 2020, following the widespread black lives matter protests across the globe, Band-aid announced its commitment to ‘do better’ – and has promised a release of a range of fleshtone bandages. For many, this kind of inclusivity is a no-brainer. Band-aid is unlikely to be applauded in circumstances where it has released every colour band-aid under the sun except brown. On the other hand, band-aid has access to conveniently located bricks and mortar stores worldwide – which will make ‘wound discretion’ for people of colour, all the more easier. We always welcome increased choices for our readers and followers – and we also encourage them not to wholly abandon those brands that had our back for years, for the sake of convenience only. Our readers are extremely discerning and will make their own choices about this everyday household item. We will update you all when the new band-aids are on the shelves!



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