Nuditone Skin Bandages

Nuditone is an up and coming UK/EU brand that is now offering ‘wound discretion’ to people of colour in the UK and Europe.

One of the great thing about these bandages is that they are ISO13485 certified and come in flat envelope packages, which avoids the inevitable spill and crush of bandages in your medicine cupboard. At the moment, there are two complexions available – medium and dark – and the team are working to develop more hues in the product range. Each flat pack includes 20 pieces in two different sizes, and the bandages are fabric (terylene, elastic yarn).

Prices for a pack will soon be up on Amazon, though we note that 2 packs were selling for £5 at the UK Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE event in May 2017, so check in with us for more information!


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