From Ballet Shoes to…Bedding?! (Feb Newsletter)

February 25th, 2017 by
From Ballet Shoes to…Bedding?! (Feb Newsletter)

So, what’s new to this month? Answer – a LOT!! It’s been BIGLY.

The News in Ballet Shoes

First of all – the big news. Ballet slippers and Pointes in your FleshTone are finally here!!

You may have read our blog ‘Dancing While Dark’ where we discussed the extra steps dancers of color around the world have to take to get apparel and shoes in their FleshTone. Well those days are numbered and we now have some great brands who have stepped up.


Gaynor Minden

One of the first major ballet companies to have a seat at the table of diversity is Gaynor Minden. They have started production of their pointe shoes in both ‘Espresso’ and ‘Cappuccino’ this month (pictured above) – so bookmark these guys in your favourites. When we spoke with Gaynor Minden, they said:

“Gaynor Minden has always been dedicated to supporting dancers and bringing big innovations to the dance wear market; we’re a company completely made up of current and former dancers — we want to see this art form thrive and we want it to be inclusive.”


Your Hues

Next, there’s the black-owned brand, Your Hues. We also covered these guys in ‘Dancing While Dark‘ – and we’re looking forward to seeing the launch of their leather ballet slippers which can be worn across a huge range of dance genres.


Lastly in ballet shoes, it’s that little ol’ brand we discovered that were able to make ballet slippers in a dark brown – international powerhouse, Grishko. Read all about the ordering process for your ballet slippers from Grishko here.

Books and Toys

We have added SO MANY books and toys to our Kids menu. In celebration, we ran Kids Week across our Instagram, and on Valentine’s Day, we gave away a Kids Pack featuring a beautifully brown Tree Change Doll, a knitted Miann & Co doll, Bobbleart accessories, books and more! The total prize value was $350USD and the winner was one very sweet and happy little girl!

Nude Pumps

In Nude Pumps this month, we’ve found and profiled those brands who are following in the illustrious steps of Christian Louboutin – and launching their own multi-FleshTone range of pumps/heels. The up and coming brands for you to get amongst, are:

  • House No 3028 – Synthetic pumps, mid range price point (pictured)
  • Kahmune – Leather pumps, high price point
  • Nude By Pencil – (based in Dubai) leather pumps, luxury price point
  • Simmi (UK) – Syntehtic ‘Imani’ pumps, affordable price point

It’s probably time to update our Blog listing the ‘Our Fave 5 Dupes of the Louboutin Nudes‘ – but what’s not changing is that number one spot. Office (UK) still makes the best looking and most affordable leather FleshTone pumps (in our humble opinion). Get your Office ‘Onto Court’ pumps (available in a range of colors including FleshTone colors) here.


Bed sheets?

We got a tip off during Kids’ week about a cute little company called ‘Adrienne’ selling bed sheets for children with a love of ballet – featuring ballet dancers of various skintones. While we don’t have a category for bedding on, we popped the sheets in our Lifestyle menu under ‘Clothing on Message, as these sheets were just too cute not to share!


That’s it from us this month – be sure to leave your feedback on your favourite products on our site! Also, keep your FleshTone tips and finds sliding into our DMs – we really appreciate it and love sharing your finds with our FleshTone community!

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