Carnavalista Micro Thongs

Carnivalista is a premium brand for carnival dancers around the world. Along with their FleshTone hosiery, Carnivalista sells FleshTone ‘Vees’ – tiny little thongs/g-strings that are the best friend of every carnival dancer.

Carnival dancers wear very little indeed – and employ any number of tricks to hide their underwear when in costume. These micro thongs now make this job so much easier. They are made from ‘breathable mesh’, and are specifically designed to be discreetly worn under low cut and thong costumes. These vees come in 6 ‘flavours’ (i.e colours) – vanilla, toffee, honey, cinnamon, truffle and cocoa – and prices for a 3 pack in your FleshTone start at $15USD. These only come in the ‘one size’ – pretty much the size of the models on the website, give or take a few pounds.



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