Fishnet tights that match your FleshTone are the world’s best kept secret. While black fishnets still give off sexy vibes, nobody can object to fishnets that match your skin in the office, at a wedding – or anywhere really.

Fishnets are also a sambistas best friend. There’s a lot hanging out in samba, and the best way hold in what you want to hold in, is to pair your gloss tights and overlay with fishnets. Fishnets in your FleshTone are a MUST for many pro dancers.

So welcome Carnivalista. We trialled their ‘Sparkle’ fishnets in ‘Truffle’ and were rather pleased with the results. They aren’t ‘soft’ fishnets as they are built rather sturdy to keep up with energetic dancers. The colour range is pretty damn good, with the darkest shade being ‘cocoa’. These fishnets have a reinforced toe and the waistband is flexible (so can be worn high or low). The great thing is that there is no annoying crotch patch, so these fishnets can be worn with all kinds of costumes – or alternatively they are a great durable option for work. The price of Carnivalista is relatively reasonable as dance fishnets go – they range from $20USD to $40USD. The sparkly gold that’s woven into the sparkle and diamond fishnets will look fantastic on stage or at Carnivale, but are potentially a little much for the office.

Stick with the Carnivalista ‘Naked’ for a more versatile/demure option. The ‘one size’ fits most claim is probably true – these tights are very stretchy and will fit a wide range of us (tall or short, small or big), though there definitely will be ladies who fall outside this net. Thankfully, Carnivalista now have a plus size range for their popular ‘Diamond’ and ‘Naked’ tights, so the brand is now quite inclusive.

Carnivalista is a Trinidadian brand, but is made in Europe (our tights shipped from the UK).

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I’ve had the diamond fishnets for about a year now. Granted I only bring them out for special occasions, but they are pretty sturdy and have lasted for ages.

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The fishnet diamond tights are absolutely unreal and I get compliments all night as I wear them for a regular pro gig at a club. 5 wears in and still going strong. Worth the money.

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My favorite for the Trinidad Carnival each year! I always get the diamond tights and they last forever. i love that truffle and cocoa suits the darker girls.

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I wear the ‘naked’ tights for work. Generally they last a good amount of time though I have snagged a couple getting them on in the past. definitely stronger than normal fishnets.

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I got these when I was on a dance tour for samba in Trinidad last year. I’ve been wearing them for shows ever since. i used to go without fishnets – now never again – I’ve found my perfect nude (honey color).

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