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Dance is’s core business, and we ADORE Nude Barre. Nude Barre is a specialty line of ecofriendly undergarments made in 16 hues to match all skin tones. This hosiery is a stylish option for everyday wear as well as for dance rehearsals and performances. Developed by dancer and entrepreneur Erin Carpenter, Nude Barre offers a real solution for those FleshTone ladies who are unable to ‘fit’ into the handful of FleshTone shades available from the major dance brands. It’s also a perfect option for those looking for both durability and style in their everyday hosiery. Finding FleshTone undergarments is a constant headache for dancers and, Nude Barre completely fills the gap that was once in the market. Prices from $18USD to $125USD. Fishnets, Opaque footed tights and children’s sizes are all available.


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I got both the fishnets and the opaque tights in tapioca cream. I’m 5’2″ with a large body frame and I got a size M/L in the fishnets and L/XL in the opaque tights. They are a bit big, but I do suggest picking a larger size so you can tuck them into your bra band for a smoother look. I really love the fishnets. Today I was scolded by a friend for not dressing warmly enough even though I was wearing the fishnet tights (I assume she thought I was going bare-legged when it was 45 degrees Fahrenheit and windy, nope ; -) The opaque tights are good too, but I do recommend washing them once before wear. They come with a bit of extra orange/yellow dye in them. After the first wash, the color is more brown. The tights don’t “run” even when they get caught on something, just lose threads. Beware of Velcro (aka my backpack) or anything else that may hook onto your tights. If you’re not a dancer, I say buy the fishnets since they match better color-wise.

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Nude Barre is my go to hosiery brand as it has everything. I splurged on the crystallized opaque tights which are insanely expensive. They were really pretty but a bit different to what I was expecting. Also the Tapioca Cream was way lighter than I expected though I think maybe I got sent the wrong pair. Overall, great options for darker skin women and children.

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