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We first heard about Peavey Hosiery from one of our followers who also happens to be a cheerleader. So we checked their bonafides – and they sponsor the Titans Cheerleaders, the Washington ‘Redskins’ Cheerleaders and the SeaGals. Peavey Hosiery is a great brand for dancers – it’s comparable (and slightly better than) brands like Capezio in terms of colour range. Most of the Peavey range has the following FleshTone-friendly colours: Light Suntan, Suntan, Pecan, Coffee and Coffee Bean. The colour charts on the website are not what we would call true to life – so they are not a great indicator of the colour you will receive in the mail. You will need to use your best guess to order a colour match. The Coffee colour looks quite natural and suits deeper FleshTones. The Suntan suits medium FleshTones (it is a darker brown than pictured on the website). Pecan is a great colour for medium to dark FleshTones. We do not however recommend the ‘Toast’ colour if you are looking for a FleshTone match. It’s almost a burnt orange hue and probably nobody’s FleshTone except maybe this guy. The Toast colour is nice as a complementary hue only – it’s quite similar to Capezio’s ‘Toffee‘ offering.

The Light Support hosiery option is great for fashion/everyday wear and they are thicker than your average drugstore tights – you’ll get quite a few wears out of these if you treat them well.

The Opaque microfiber tights are lovely and soft and perfect for ballet. These are great quality.

The most popular tights – Peavey’s High Gloss tights are super sexy looking. The gloss on them is beautiful (but not overdone) and they feel and look strong. We did however find that they laddered in the gusset area on first wear, after an intense dance rehearsal. So treat them with extra special care if you want any sort of longevity – as they really do look fabulous. Compared with other dance wear tights, Peavey Hosiery is very reasonably priced – starting at $8.49USD. They have a range of sizes in each style including a ‘Q’ size which will fit ladies up to 230lbs/104kg. Children’s sizes are also available. We found Peavey Hosiery professional and easy to deal with and the added bonus is their cheap international shipping!

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Ive always worn Peavey (I’m in an amateur cheer squad). They last for ages and the gloss tights are the exact look you need for games. Ive had a few ladders/tears, but they are still my go to brand.

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Cheap as chips compared with Capezio. Not quite the same quality as Capezio though.

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I actually wear the light support tights for my everyday hosiery. It’s much better value then a department store brand and I get a lot more wears out of one pair if I treat them right

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My skin color is NW45 range and I wear the Coffee tights which are pretty deep with an undertone that borders on cool (but would still suit warm undertones). It’s my new favorite brand. I’ve tried lots of others and this is comparable.

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Good for those on a budget in dance. It’s pretty standard fare and compares well to other brands, though not a patch on Bloch.

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