Trimfoot Jazz Boot in Chocolate

Yes, you read it correctly, this jazz boot comes in a ‘mocha’ colour (previously labelled as ‘chocolate’ by the brand). Colour aside, the jazz boot itself is a fairly standard quality for this type of shoe. It’s not the softest leather and the brown has an ever so slight greyish/taupe hue, and the low jazz heel base could be an issue for those used to dancing in ballet flats. But overall, this is a great option to finally elongate those FleshTone legs! Prices start at $35USD for women and $34.50USD for children.

UPTDATE: We have been advised by Trimfoot Co Ltd that they will no longer be selling these shoes in the ‘Mocha’ colour. This is a surprise to us as it’s one of our most popular referral brands and a much needed shoe. Stay tuned to our page so we can find another option for you.


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Review of Trimfoot Jazz Boot
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I love these!!! – I have fairly narrow feet though, not sure how these would go on someone with a super wide foot. The color is not exactly brown, but it’s close enough. It does have a taupe kind of sheen.

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I was so happy to find these jazz shoes. I’ve loathed Tan jazz shoes my entire life because –in my opinion–they look terrible against my beautiful chocolate skin, and even worse when paired with tights that look nothing like me. The Trimfoot Jazz Shoe is comparable to many other shoes on the market. It has a similar design to Capezio’s EJ2, with a beautiful brown hue that can blend with many mocha/coffee/chocolate/expresso skin tones. I haven’t worn them enough to know their durability. I’m kinda in awe of finally having shoes that match so I reserve them for performances and such, while continuing to wear my black jazz shoes to get scuffed during class. I have noticed a scuff or two on the toes of the shoes in my few wearings, but that is common with most jazz shoes. I would recommend this shoe to anyone who is dyeing to match 🙂 #pun intended

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Yes you are right about the slight taupe color. I am NW47 and they suit me well enough though. The quality is pretty standard, though the leather does not feel as soft as some of the bigger brands. Having said that, they have lasted me quite a while!

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