Miann & Co – Mia Doll

The Mia doll is an ever-present companion for the children in our FleshTone.net family. Mia is a beautifully crocheted doll made from high quality yarn. Mia is hand stitched with 100% cotton and she has a cotton/polyester filling (Mia can be hand washed). Mia is quite a large doll (about 17 inches/42cm) and she is a lovely playmate and sleep-time companion. Mia is a medium to light brown FleshTone colour, and is a wonderful doll for FleshTone children and their parents who are seeking representation from their children’s toys. Mia is a beautiful doll made with care, for a special little child. You can follow Instagram’s most notable Mia Doll at @spottythedoll for a cuteness overload. The Mia doll is a FleshTone star! Prices start from $45USD ($60AUD).

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