Ntombenhle Dolls

Ntombenhle Dolls, a South African company, represents dolls of South African heritage and in Zulu, ‘Ntomb’entle’ means ‘beautiful girl’. Ntombenhle Dolls was created by the entrepreneur Molemo Kgomo in 2005, after identifying a huge lack of diversity in dolls which her daughter could relate too. Her idea was a success, and many people across the world now own one of these precious and unique dolls that have ‘beautiful brown skin, brown eyes, short hair and curves’. The dolls are 36cm tall and celebrate 8 distinct South African Cultures. Kgomo hopes to add more dolls as well as boy dolls in the future. This quote from her website is worth reproducing:


The dolls can be played with by all races, as we see with white dolls. We believe that they will help to foster tolerance, understanding and friendship between children of different cultural backgrounds. We live in a diverse country and have much to celebrate!

Prices for Ntombenhle Dolls start at a very reasonable R260 (approximately $19USD).

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