Rubens Barn Dolls

Rubens Barn Dolls are a popular range – designed in Sweden and manufactured in China. There are lots of diverse offerings from the brand – for both girls and boys. One of the cutest offerings is the ‘Baby Range’ which features chubby, pixie-faced 45cm (17 and 1/2 inches) plush fleece dolls that are fully machine washable. Amazingly, these plush dolls can actually ‘suck’ on bottles/thumbs and are anatomically correct (something more common in a vinyl/plastic doll).

The dolls have weighted, padded bottoms (so that they feel like a real baby when held) and their sparkly embroidered eyes are something special. There are some great accessories available, such as the doll carrier, though be prepared to spend big on this brand, as it is at the top end in terms of price ($60USD or more).

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