Benefit Brow Zings

The award winning Benefit Brow Zings lasts for a VERY long time – and that’s a relief as they are definitely on the pricey end. The ‘Deep 6’ pallete is what we are going with here – and it gives you a very pretty, full brow – yet manages to look natural at the same time. The tweezers and brushes are on the smaller side and if you have really sparsely populated brows, you may run into trouble as the wax does seem to like at least something to hold on to, or it won’t last as long through the day. It’s all about the wax here – the Benefit wax is softly pigmented and can be shaped easily (it can clump if you are not patient). The powder is then applied over the top – and there you have it – beautiful brows! Prices start from $32USD.

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