Nudestix Eyebrow Stylus Kit

This kit pairs a defining pencil and setting gel in one sophisticated looking stick, and comes with a Brow Wax pencil. If you have curly, unruly brows, then the gel that is part of this kit works fantastically at taming them and keeping them in place. Or perhaps making your tame brows unruly if that’s your thing! The pencil itself is softer and creamier then expected – but don’t over apply or you will have to start again. We like this product as it’s practical and not quite as daunting as some of the other kits in the market. So it’s for beginners who are new to the brow sculpting experience. While the triangular brush does let you choose if you want thick or thin brows, it is probably not as precise as some of the other kits – but it still does the job. It’s waterproof and long wearing, vegan and comes in a good variety of hues to complement your FleshTone. Prices start at $24USD.

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