Leda Hosiery

LEDA ultra-sheer hosiery is crazily sheer and gives the appearance of a smooth and sexy leg. These are dirt cheap (about $3 a pair), though in some ways you get what you pay for. The quality is reasonable and the colour match is just fabulous. And it’s much easier to stomach a $3 pair of stockings running than a $20 pair! Visit the Leda website to match your FleshTone. Leda hosiery also comes in ‘Queen’ sizing for the more voluptuous. The ‘Pecan’ colour is perfect for milk chocolate FleshTones if you are looking for a benchmark (it does appear more orange on the website than it really is). The Leda website is actually not the most user-friendly online shopping environment, so visit our ‘Shop Leda Hosiery’ link for the best place to purchase. Prices start at $3USD.

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