Autograph Tights

Available from Marks & Spencer, the ‘Autograph’ brand borders on being ‘everyday’ hosiery and ‘high end’ (due to the price). These tights are reasonable quality and the ‘Bare Invisibles’ (5 denier) option comes in a fantastic 7 hues (note – some of the other styles in the Autograph range do not have this full colour spectrum).

The 5 denier tights are incredibly sheer and will give your legs a lovely glossy look with a slight shimmer. These tights are VERY fine, so you need to treat them with extra care, and they will last for more than one wear. Ours laddered at the toe on their second wear, but were still good for one or two more extra wears. The FleshTone options include Suntan, Nutmeg, Dark Caramel and Cocoa. Prices start at £6.00.

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Exactly what I was looking for they’re stunning

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