Pretty Polly

Pretty Polly is an well known and loved British brand, and is about 100 years old. In the past, it’s had (quite limited) options for FleshTone hosiery, but to be fair, it’s had these colours a lot longer than many other brands – we were wearing Pretty Polly some 10 years ago.

In 2017 Pretty Polly launched their ‘Naturals Skin Tones collection’, featuring sheer 8 denier tights in a range of six shades. The Naturals collection is available in only one size and is 87% Nylon 11% Elastane 2% Cotton. The darkest shade available (Shade 6) is not THAT dark, so look at the models closely before ordering. Prices for the Naturals collection start at 6 pounds and international shipping is available.

Our other Pretty Polly pick for dance and/or evenings out is the Nylon Gloss Tights. These are oh so shiny head turning 10 denier – so be VERY careful when putting these on to avoid snags. These are available in sizes small, medium and large (some people find they do run small), and the toe is reinforced. The composition of these tights is 83% Nylon, 15% Elastane, and 2% Cotton. The FleshTone options aren’t huge, but they include Highlight, Sherry and Tivoli. Prices for the Nylon Gloss Tights start at $15USD.



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