Funny She Jill (FSJ) Pumps

BIG CAVEAT on these pumps. These pumps LOOK amazing (they are clearly Louboutin inspired), but the quality…well…it’s certainly not going to be the same lofty, ergonomic craftsmanship of the French master. We are in synthetic territory here for starters. Secondly, the heel is a whopping 120mm (same height as the Louboutins). At that height you would normally want cooling leather comfort and soft gel cushion built into the sole – neither of which is available with these pumps. So the end result is – sky high, synthetic pumps which are not exactly comfortable – but they look fantastic! If you want to wear these, do it with the knowledge that their beauty is skin deep and you may want to purchase a gel cushion insert to ease your pain. The nude colors on offer include Brown, Tan and Beige.

FSJ is a Chinese company, popular on Amazon. You can purchase direct from their website (where you CAN actually customise your shoes for leather) – though we haven’t tested it yet, so order direct through Amazon for peace of mind. Prices start at $45USD.

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