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Simmi London, a social media brand and powerhouse, has come to the FleshTone table through the release of the ‘Nude’ Imani collection.  The Imani collection comes in five hues – Cocoa, Coffee, Mocha, Latte and Vanilla. The heel on this shoe is a show-stopping 5 inches – and with the make being synthetic, comfort is not a word that comes to mind. Having said that, these shoes probably aren’t made for you to be comfortable, they are made to look fantastic! And fantastic they do look in all their shiny-patenty goodness. The darkest shade ‘Cocoa’ we note, is not that dark. It’s probably what many of us would call a ‘mocha’. In any case, they are priced accordingly, and are £30.00 a pair. For those of us who are not in proximity to your nearest London high street, international shipping from Simmi is very reasonable, with shipping to the USA starting at £8.99.

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