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Solely Original is not the first brand to custom design shoes, but they are the first brand that’s come to our attention as offering a range of FleshTone hues. Solely Original puts the power of colour matching in your hands – you can choose your style, heel height, accessories, colours and materials – and custom design your PERFECT FleshTone shoe. Some of the colours available include brown, dark brown, tan and metallic bronze.


Solely Original is the creation of Iris Anson who completed Footwear Design studies at the London College of Fashion. She created the company following her frustration as a city professional who loved wearing heels to work – and having to sacrifice comfort for style. Solely Original is based in London, but you can experience the services without having to travel anywhere. They have an innovative 3D Fitting Kit and Foot Scanner – so can make shoes that fit you perfectly, Solely Original can make shoes that will fit you perfectly. These bespoke shoes are moderately expensive and to create your own FleshTone court heels will cost you a minimum of £150.00.



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