Maria E Fajas

One of our FleshTone subscribers wrote to us, asking us to profile some of the more popular brands of Colombian Fajas. Traditionally used for liposuction patients and popular with many Latinas, fajas are trending in a big way and are used to mimic the shape many women of colour happen to be born with. We mention the Maria E fajas here for completeness, but have not yet been blessed with the opportunity to try some. They look like they mean business and are holding onto absolutely everything with a vice like grip. And who has got time for all of those hook and eyes? Have you tried the Maria E Fajas? Let us know! We’re not convinced the mocha shade is brown – there’s a real risk it’s a rubbery sort of pink – so interested in your thoughts. We will update you when we get a chance to see them in the Flesh(Tone). Prices start from $85USD, but can be found more cheaply on Amazon.

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