Spanx Skinny Britches

The Skinny Britches range, re-released this year in 4 ‘Naked’ shades, is a bit of a breakthrough for Spanx. Being synonymous with Shapewear, Spanx has finally diverged from its standard fare of beige, black and ‘speciality party colours’. The Skinny Britches range is medium hold, and particularly great in summer or in a hot stuffy nightclub. They are quite delicate, semi-sheer and almost feel like silky, tight denier hosiery. They don’t work as hard as your ‘standard’ Spanx fare, but they smooth out your lines and lift and control your curves. They can tear, so treat them with care, and like a lot of shapewear, they can roll on the legs too. As for the colours – ‘Naked 3’ and ‘Naked 4’ would approximate many FleshTones, but the darkest amongst us wouldn’t necessarily get a match here. In any case, Naked 4 is a great medium brown and a welcome addition to a brand that’s starting to try a little harder. Prices start from $44USD.

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