Frangi Pangi

Manufactured in the USA, Frangi Pangi hosiery is the creation of Jocelyn Maminta. Jocelyn is a medical reporter and contributor, and throughout her corporate career, couldn’t find quality hosiery to match her FleshTone. So she started her own brand!


Frangi Pangi hosiery comes in 10 different hues  (plus black), and there is a shade to suit all women. Frangi Pangi’s hosiery is ultra sheer (20 denier) with a sheer toe and a control top – and they guarantee you will get 4x wears out of your hosiery before seeing any ladders or tears. If you don’t get 4 wears out of them, all you need to do is send them back, and Frangi Pangi will replace them for you. As there are 10 hues, there is a solid selection of dark FleshTones, including Cacao, Arabica and Sumatra. Prices for Frangi Pangi Hosiery start at $17.50USD.

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