Sheer Chemistry

UK entrepreneur Tahlia Gray (who was actually born and raised in Sydney Australia and is of Jamaican heritage), started the brand Sheer Chemistry after being frustrated with the restrictive beige/off black hosiery options that were the norm only 3 years ago. Sheer Chemistry make 3 different types of hosiery (10 denier gloss, 15 denier matte and 15 denier matte control tights) in 5 diverse shades.

Ranging from lightest to darkest, the shades are Havana Glow, Rio Romance, New York Soul, Nairobi Sunrise and Parisian Dream. We received an advance copy of Sheer Chemistry’s New York Soul tights and we are happy to report that they did live up to the hype. While the packaging isn’t as stellar as some other boutique brands, the colour of the tights REALLY delivered and the tights were virtually invisible on the skin! Being a brand that is sheer to the waist (cotton gusset) is also a great option for dancers to wear with leotards as well as more risque fashion items where you are showing a lot of leg. The flat seams on Sheer Chemistry tights mean that they disappear under clothing and the tights are at a price point that is particularly great for office/corporate types (particularly the 15 denier matte tights). They are not so cheap that you know they will fall apart the minute you dip a toe into them, but not so expensive that you can only justify wearing them on the weekend or special occasions. These tights are great everyday wear. With prices starting at £8.50 for hosiery, this brand is definitely one to watch.



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