Desigual Shopper Capri Alexa

Love love love the Spanish people for bringing us the Desigual brand! And love Winnie Harlow for bringing Desigual to our attention! While Barcelona’s Desigual brand is best known for its out of this world colour, designs and prints, there are some accessories that suit our present purposes. Looking positively demure next to its flamboyant cousins is the Desigual Shopper Capri ‘Alexa’. It has some cute engraving on the bag and it’s a fantastic size (30 x 13 x 28 cm). There’s an added small bag inside and we love the gold insignia and key chain dangling from the handles. The bag has a 100% polyester lining and the outer lining is polyurethane. That’s probably the main drawback for us – this bag is definitely on the pricey end for non-leather, so you are essentially paying for a great design and a trendy ‘product vibe’. Prices for the Alexa tote start from $115USD and shipping costs are reasonable. Desigual has a solid USA presence, is readily available in Europe and is really pushing into Asian markets successfully. Online it’s easiest to order from the UK and the USA.

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