Epoche Nude Large Tote

Epoche has a ‘Nude’ range – largely available in brown colours! Now it’s likely that when Epoche refers to ‘nude’ it’s referring to the state of the leather used in their production – but we’ll take the reference anyway…

Made in Vancouver, Epoche bags are built to ‘last a lifetime’. And one would hope this is the case, as the ‘Nude’ Large Tote retails for $599USD. So what goes into this hefty price tag? All Epoché products are individually handcrafted from top grade English bridle vegetable tanned leather. According to Epoche, the process of creating a vegetable tanned leather hide can take up to a month (for a single hide), so it’s a real labour of love. The Epoche leather is tanned without using any chemicals or synthetic finishes, and each bag differs slightly resulting in a one of kind bag. The thread used is ‘waxed linen’ which gives the bag its longevity. So with all that, the Nude large tote (available in Chestnut Brown or Deep Brown), fills the shoes of its large price tag. Given the work that goes into this bag, it can take up to 3 weeks to make and deliver.

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