FASH Glossy Crocodile Print Tote

FASH Limited sells largely on Amazon and through other retailers. It’s affordable and nice looking stuff – though the quality can be hit or miss. The glossy crocodile tote is LARGE and super classy looking. It’s roomy with loads of pockets and it’s perfect for putting your laptop/IPad in (in terms of size).

What’s not so perfect is the quality. It’s a cheap bag, so don’t expect to get any longevity out of it. The materials are cheap and the bag will start to fall apart once it’s used for anything more than the occasional outing. This bag is great for your regular Sunday catch up with the girls – but it’s not going to last you for your day to day work needs. Prices start at $20USD and the FleshTone colours are both ‘brown’ and ‘gold’ (for a complementary colour).

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