Florence Leather Market Tote Shopping Bag

There is nothing like leather from Florence and Tuscany. NOTHING. If you’ve been to Florence and are now having withdrawals – do not despair – the Florence Leather Market is here. The Tote Shopping bag in brown (it’s slightly darker than pictured on the website) is a beautiful functional bag, and is also a good size (height with handle is approximately 19 inches). We would have to say the finishing on the tote is a touch rustic and not exactly Balenciaga perfection. However, it’s the whole smell, feel and look of the tote that we love and it makes you think it’s come straight from a family-owned Firenze factory. The cute tie on the bag is sweet, but not as functional as a zip or presser stud. It’s still a beautiful but fairly plain bag, and great for every day wear.


Prices start at 45Euro plus shipping.

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